One First

There’s only one
first breath
first smile
first laugh
first cry
first tooth
first word
first step
first birthday.
Happy Birthday Keana.

Keana’s First Birthday, March 22, 2006
(note: video can take 5 minutes or more to load.)

The Birthday Girl, March 22, 2006.
Keana on her first birthday

Keana with tongue out on first birthday

Keana crawling with Miko in background

Her first birthday consolation prize.
Keana reaching for red balloon

Reading birthday card from Grandma Linda.
Keana on Mama's lap reading card

This is a wild party.
Keana reaching off Mama's lap with birthday card

Papa with the Birthday Girl
Keana and Papa on birthday

Keana laughing as Papa tickles neck

Keana smiling with Papa tickling neck

Birthday dinner.
Keana with food on face

Keana with food on face

Some of the decorations.
Picture of Keana with Feliz sign

The second cousins McKenna, Riley, and Cassidy having fun with Great Aunt Kristie in the background.
Keana playing with cousins

Keana playing with second cousins

Opening gifts from Great Aunt Kristie and the girls.
Keana opening gifts

The loot.
Keana opening gifts

Keana holding court with second cousins

Having fun with cousin Cassidy.
Keana getting on Cassidy's lap

Enjoying Cassidy’s hair.
Keana surrounded by Grandma and cousins

Four generations of the Peterson Clan.
Keana Great Grandparents, Grandma, Mama and Papa

Meeting Great Aunt Kristie for the first time!
Keana meeting Great Aunt Kristie for the first time

Three generations of the Swift/Day/Rogers Clans.
Keana with Grandpa Jon, Grandma Jennie, mama and papa

Keana playing with balloon

Keana with Tippy the monkey, one of Mama’s old friends. (photo courtesy of Great Grandma and Grandpa Peterson)
Keana playing with Tippy the monkey

Happy Birthday Keana.
Keana with birthday hat on