Back Track: 3/31-4/22 2006

Since Keana’s first birthday, we’ve been going at the speed of baby. Which is kind of like light speed relative to a small human child. We are constantly amazed at how fast everything is happening. She took her first step and now she’s walking everywhere, just in a matter of weeks. She learns new words every other day and her expressions just won’t quit! We love it. It’s exhausting and rejuvinating all at once. These pictures cover our life from her first birthday and walking, up until our trip to Hawaii…just about a month in our lives. Enjoy:-)

Continuing her love of clothes, Keana is seen here with mama’s scarf that papa got in Paris.
Keana with scarf

Keana by window

Keana by window

Keana looking out window

One of the now rare shots of Keana still crawling.
Keana looking at camera crawling

Silly reindeer games.
Keana laughing at Mama who has pants on head

Not satisfied with THIS pants application.
Keana taking pants off mama's head

Keana showing bottom teeth and pulling

We are just constantly laughing.
Keana laughing at camera

Keana laughing wrestling with mama

Keana laughing with tongue out

Keana's blues

Out of focus but couldn’t resist.
Keana's ohhs

Modeling her new swimsuit for Hawaii from Sage, Caroline, and Jay.
Keana modeling swimsuit

Talking away.
Keana talking with swimsuit

Keana with swimsuit and silly face

A wonderful “welcome home”.
Keana and mama welcoming papa home

Keana smiling with book and mama

Keana smiling on bed

Keana looking upside down at camera