What’s happening now?

Mobility: Keana is practically running now. She walks everywhere and even side-steps obstacles with ease. If she’s tired, excited, or distracted, she has the occassional run-in with a fall-enabling-object, but for the most part, she’s cruisin’. She’s even built up to a serious speed-walk, which is almost like running. The other new thing Keana’s been attempting is jumping. It really is just about the cutest thing you can imagine a baby trying to do. The squeeling and laughing while attempting to jump doesn’t hurt the cuteness factor either.

Communication: The girl is talkin’. We’re definitely at the point where there’s too many words to even list now. I think this sums it up: the other day I made some coffee and brought Sarah tea in bed. I went back to the living room where Keana was walking around and she looked straight at me and said, “Where’s my tea?”. I couldn’t believe it. I was in such disbelief that I had to ask, “Did you just say ‘where’s my tea’ baby?”. She nodded yes. What a princess eh? Of course I got her some chamomile tea right away.

Entertainment: Keana’s personality is beyond belief. Truthfully, I never paid attention to babies before, so I don’t really know how kids are. But to see her interact with her world and the people around her is really astonishing. Those of you who have met her know, but she has a way of connecting with people. Everyone in her realm gets eye contact, and just about everyone gets a smile and a “Hiii!”. She keeps that eye contact locked in as people address her and she responds in all kinds of amazing ways. Her sense of humor just grows and grows too and her new ability to make farm animal noises- especially piggies and sheep- really lightens the mood. Her singing continues to develop and now she’s able to sing very distinct phrases of “Hush Little Baby”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and “Happy Birthday”. She still loves to dance and never passes up an after-work dance party with her papa.

Latest News:

  • We’ve had a couple barbecues with friends the last couple of weeks and they’ve been really fun. Friends have even come out from Fresno and Davis to take part in the grilled meat goodness with us. (And I think Keana really enjoys all the attention, cell phones, and purses.)
  • Grandpa Jon visited from Denver on June 11th and 12th and it was great to see him. He’s out on business enough for us to catch up every couple months and give Keana time with her out-of-state grandpa.
  • Sarah, Keana and I had a great time at the NWP (where I work) staff picnic on June 30th, and I think it was really fun for my co-workers to see the most amazing part of my life in person(s).
  • Grandma Jennie visited from Fresno on July 3rd and we went to the farm at Tilden Park and had a great time hanging out with her (and the goats).
  • Great Grandma Bev and Aunt Ruby made it out on the 4th with a bunch of our local friends, as did Adam C. and his girlfriend from Davis.
  • Grandma Linda and Grandpa Sam came up on the 8th, had dinner, and stayed to watch Keana while Sarah and I went to Neel’s (and probably our) last college party. Now that we’re parents, I think we’re really okay with that being our last contribution to a 200+ can “beeramyd”…but who knows?
  • Tia continues to come over about once a week and the two of them have lots of fun giggling together. There was a little fall at the park last week that left some scrapage on Keana’s nose and cheek, but it was nothing too serious. Tia was probably more traumatized than Keana, and we’re even going to let her keep visiting. (j/k Tia!)

Keana chewing on fingers

Keana standing on bed with pen and paper in hand smiling

Keana putting hat on sideways

Keana putting on cowboy hat

Keana holding out hat making silly face

Keana smiling in mirror with hat

Keana with hat on sideways

Keana with hat on sideways smiling

Keana and Tia on couch

Keana chewing on something smiling with Mama

Keana walking with Mama in Fresno backyard

Keana bending down in garden with Mama

Keana with Grandma Jennie

Keana walking away from Grandma Jennie

Keana in yellow dress

Keana making sour face on Mama's lap at dinner

Keana swinging

Keana playing in water table

Keana playing in water table

Keana playing in water table

Keana playing in water table

Keana playing in water table

Keana playing in water table

Keana sitting on floor with book

Keana laying on floor with book covering face

Keana smiling with book

Keana playing with Grandpa Jon

Keana playing with Grandpa Jon

Keana playing with Grandpa Jon

Keana laughing bent over in corner

Keana laughing on couch with Mama

Keana leaning laughing on chair

Tia putting sunglasses on Keana

Keana with sunglasses

Keana looking at camera with yogurt on her face

Keana eating yogurt

Keana smiling with yogurt on her face

Keana eating yogurt

Keana eating yogurt

Keana eating yogurt

Keana eating yogurt

Keana smiling at camera with top teeth

Keana reading with Grandma Jennie

Keana with Mama at farm

Keana at farm with Mama and Gandma Jennie

Keana at farm with Mama and Grandma Jennie

Keana at farm with Papa, Mama and Grandma Jennie

Keana smiling and walking at Tilden

Keana walking with Mama and Grandma Jennie over bridge

Keana making face at camera