Everything has a beginning

NOTE: This was written when I moved from Blogger to Apple’s version of a blogging platform.

What does that photo have to do with this entry? Nothing. But thanks anyway Grandma Jennie, I’ll get back to that story in my next entry. First, some business:

I definitely didn’t know if I was up to creating an entire website devoted to our family—not to mention maintaining the thing. As many of you know I’ve been keeping up a blog for Keana and we’ve gotten tons of positive feedback, with a few criticisms and suggestions mixed in (by the way, thanks for the constructive feedback on that). Many of you also know that I have slowly gotten worse and worse at updating that blog. Not to make excuses, but here they are anyway:

  • I work two jobs.
  • Because I work two jobs, my free time is spent with Keana and Sarah first, other family/friends second, and blog last (with a few other things like the cat and bbq mixed around in there too).
  • Formatting photos and getting them in Blogger is a real pain in the ass. To be fair, Blogger is a site for writing, not for posting photo albums.
  • I get really overwhelmed by trying to write down all the amazing things happening in our life—which is a good thing—but overwhelming all the same.
  • I’m tired and I need sleep.

So here we are—in our family site. Cheesey? Yeah, a little. Interesting? Maybe. This is actually going to make it way easier to post photos and videos. And because they’ll be separate from this blog/writing portion, I’m hoping that writing things down won’t be so overwhelming. Not to mention those of you who just want photos and don’t want to even see these things called “words”, you don’t have to. Which means you probably haven’t even read this. Whatever. If you are reading this, just skip right along to those awesome photos and forget the written word even exists.

This is definitely an experiment, but let’s see what happens with this thing. In the future I want to maybe *migrate everything from Blogger to here [iWeb], but for now, I’m going to leave that up so you can kick-start those memories of what life was like when Keana was just a baby blob on the floor, not even walking, just laying around laughing and wiggling.

From here on out, this is where we be. Here’s to new beginnings.

*And I finally did migrate Blogger over, but not to iWeb. I migrated it to here (WordPress) in the summer of 2011; only took 5 years.