And then she was six

Today we celebrated Keana’s 6th birthday and I have to say, we did it up (for us at least). I actually got up on time and made her and Maia a pancake breakfast to start things out right. Today happened happened to be the day I volunteer in her class, and even though I go every week, even that seemed special. Sarah and Maia made cupcakes while I was gone, then Sarah, Maia, Aliya, and I brought them to celebrate with the class. It was so sweet and fun and to see Keana in her element and get to share in that celebration with her peers and teacher.

After she got her homework done, we did a video chat with Grandma Linda and Grandpa Sam and they got to see her do a little treasure hunt (complete with map) to find the gift they had mailed. And to top it all of, we had Grandma Jennie, Tia Iana, Uncle Ryan, Cousin Olivia, and their dog Bella all over for barbecued burgers, gifts, and cake. At the end of it all, Keana declared that, “It was the best birthday ever!”

Sure that feels good to hear, and we’re thankful for everyone that contributed to make the day special for her, but in the end of it all, we are just in awe of our first born. We’re growing up together and the fact that she’s the one who’s broken us in is something special. No more or less than Aliya and Maia, just different-special. She burst into the world as the firemen and paramedics burst through our bedroom door and no one who’s ever met her has been the same since. Keana was our “shmoop” then our “zooba” and somehow today she’s magically different and transformed into who-knows-what-next. She’s six. She’s a big girl. She’s meeting her life head on and loving every minute. Put simply, she’s beautiful in every way and we love her.

Happy Birthday Keana.