A Trip with Papa

In the beginning of August, 4/5 members of Team Hokama took a trip to visit Grandma Linda and Grandpa Sam in Fair Oaks (near Sacramento). And while most visits with the grandparents are pretty special, this one was particularly unique because it was the first road trip without Mama. We decided it was an opportunity for Sarah to have a weekend for herself at home, something she hasn’t had ever. Isn’t that something to marvel at? Sarah has had virtually zero extended time away from the kids in 10 years.

It shows the commitment level that Sarah has to the team; that we’ve had years and years of younger, more needy children; and how easy it is to put things off, thinking “some day.” We’ve talked and talked about getting her a break but it just hasn’t happened. So this was the time to do it.

Grandma Linda Paints Aliya's NailsAnd we had a great visit. The first night, both Aliya and Maia missed their Mama, but we got through it pretty easily—both cried a little but a little listening and some hugs calmed them down. My mom and Sam were gracious hosts as usual, keeping the girls entertained with baking, manicures/pedicures, and a trip to the Japanese grocery store near downtown Sacramento. We also enjoyed having family reading time throughout the weekend, laughing out loud at the hijinx of Junie B. Jones.

Laughing to Junie B. JonesThe trip was also an opportunity to visit with Grandma Linda before her big ankle surgery—that has since happened—and will have her laid up for several months. The girls are very curious about medical stuff, and Grandma does not disappoint. We like to encourage their curiosity, but also try to find that balance of giving them opportunities to learn and not freaking them out. I think that was achieved on this trip, but I’m glad it was a pre-op visit, because Grandma’s new scars are pretty gnarly.

So there it is. We had a great visit with the grandparents and Sarah got some time to do whatever she wanted for herself. I think it was also an opportunity for the girls and I to reaffirm that we can do just fine without Mama and that it’s important for all of us to have time alone every once in a while (and hopefully more frequently than every 10 years).