A Hike With Team Hokama

We did it: all five of us made it out on the trail this weekend. And we weren’t even on vacation! It was the same trail Aliya, Maia, and I took almost a year ago and I was impressed by how much they remembered. From the reason some trees had holes all over them (wood beetles) to the stump with the most sap to the places to watch out for cow patties, they remembered it all. And it was really cool to have them lead the way and be the experts for their mama and big sister. Aliya, especially, was thrilled to be out there.

The Route/Stats

Keana, on the other hand, was a little less than enthusiastic about the effort needed to get to the top, but her attitude was positive and I could tell she really liked it. We played a game to see who could name the most songs on the way down which definitely helped her pass the time (and man, does that girl know a lot of song titles!).

With so many hikes, the most memorable point in the journey is the top, and this one does not disappoint. 360 degrees of hills, tabletops (mesas), and snow-capped mountains. There was even this v-shaped notch in the tabletops that provided the perfect frame to view the distant mountains that were laden with snow. It was breathtaking and provided the perfect setting for a picnic lunch. But it’s never just about the view from the top—the physical exertion and freedom of moving your body from one point to a higher point is truly therapeutic.

Getting out in nature and being active outside is such an important thing for us to do as a family, and I want to make more of an effort to get us out there on the weekends and not just on vacations. Fresno isn’t all magical, but there are quite a few places nearby that are full of rugged beauty to explore. I’m especially looking forward to when we can push these hikes into backpacking trips.