Need Your Makeup Done? I’m Your Man.

I not only had the privilege of being at opening night to see Keana and Maia in Cindy!—a local production of the musical via the Shine! Theatre—but I also had the privilege of doing their makeup…and I really do see it as a privilege.

First, I’m just glad I’m around to take up such an opportunity. Second, I’m glad my daughters (and wife) trust me enough to do their show makeup. Actually, that’s not totally true—they kind of didn’t have a choice since Sarah and Aliya are out of town on a camping trip with Grandma Jennie and Tia. No mom this weekend, just dad.

Keana was definitely a harsher critic than Maia, but considering it was my first time ever doing any sort of makeup, I thought it turned out really well. They both were super skeptical I could even come close to what their mom does, and I was proud to prove them wrong.


Aside from all that though, beneath the makeup, I’ve been thinking about all the other unseen things. For example, I really enjoyed doing their makeup and being a part of my daughters’ lives in a new way. There’s been a special connection between the three of us as I’ve brushed and penciled eyebrows, powdered lids, and put on eyeliner. I think I even had a bit of that “girl connection” that I’ve observed between girls or women as they get themselves prepped for a night on the town or prepare for a show. It’s an intimate experience that I’ve never been a part of and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

I’ve also wondered what sort of impact this has had (or will have) on my daughters going forward. When your dad does your makeup, how does that influence your perception of men? How does it affect your notion of gender roles? How does that influence your relationship with boys and men going forward?

Not only did it give them a chance to see me in an opposite gender role, it gave them a chance to see me try something new, struggle with it, and ultimately be proud of the outcome, even if it wasn’t perfect. It’s a privilege to see my kids act, dance, and sing in front of an audience, and this weekend I’m honored and grateful to be the dad on makeup duty.