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Our Baby Boy

Yes, we did it. We got a puppy. He’s such a sweet little bundle of joy and…what were we thinking?! I’m going to blame Maia. And Sarah, but mostly Maia. Maia began really wanting a baby pet last fall, and the answer has been no and no and no. But like all barriers over time, our resistance eroded with persistence, and Sarah began to crack first.

On my last work trip in mid-February I started getting texts of adorable puppies who were available on Craigslist and I knew it was the beginning of the end. Then on 2/20, Sarah said (in front of the kids), “Oh Papa, let’s just get one!” I thought for a second and figured it was inevitable, so figured why not. No time like the present. We called the number on Craigslist—one puppy left—so we drove up to the hills, pulled up to the house with the puppy, and before I was even to the dog pen, I heard all four girls squeal, “Awwwww!” And I knew it was over. This was definitely the day we were getting a puppy.

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There can be something exhilarating about tossing your line into the water, letting your bait drift for a minute, then feeling those first subtle tugs as a fish tests it out. Those moments between the first nibbles and the final bite that takes the bait are filled with curiosity, excitement, and hope. For me, thinking of those moments brings back memories of warm summer days and cool, crisp nights; cold rivers; deep lakes; mountains; family; forests; and fresh air mixed with the pungent smell of bait and fish.

With an invitation from Grandpa Robert and Nana Cin, we took the girls up to Courtright Reservoir to go fishing. Having been fishing with my side of the family once before, all three girls were ecstatic to head back out to the water and try their luck. We arrived in the evening of August 7, and they couldn’t wait for the next morning.

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A Trip with Papa

In the beginning of August, 4/5 members of Team Hokama took a trip to visit Grandma Linda and Grandpa Sam in Fair Oaks (near Sacramento). And while most visits with the grandparents are pretty special, this one was particularly unique because it was the first road trip without Mama. We decided it was an opportunity for Sarah to have a weekend for herself at home, something she hasn’t had ever. Isn’t that something to marvel at? Sarah has had virtually zero extended time away from the kids in 10 years.

It shows the commitment level that Sarah has to the team; that we’ve had years and years of younger, more needy children; and how easy it is to put things off, thinking “some day.” We’ve talked and talked about getting her a break but it just hasn’t happened. So this was the time to do it.

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A Trip to San Clemente with Family

It’s hard to believe it’s been over six weeks since we were down in San Clemente, CA visiting with my dad (Grandpa Jon) and his family. Since then, Sarah’s had a dental implant and root canal, we’ve been camping, and are in the midst of a small school scandal. It’s no wonder I’m inclined to drift back to the calm, sunny days we enjoyed in beautiful San Clemente.

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