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To the zoo Super Keana!

Today, Keana and I went to the zoo. Sarah and Maia were in Santa Cruz for Iana’s bachelorette party, so we took advantage of our small-number-mobility. I had been talking to Keana about this for a week, so when I saw it was raining this morning, I was a little worried the zoo would be closed and there would be some sadness. But we headed out anyway and found Oakland cloudy, but dry. As we pulled into the parking lot, both Keana and I were super-excited.

Once we paid and entered, I could tell Keana was so excited that she didn’t know where to begin. “I want to ride the tiger [merry-go-round]!” and “I want to see the elephants!” then “Where are the alligators?!” So we got out the map and set off. First we visited the elephants who where enjoying their mid-morning snack. I guess this made Keana hungry too, so busted out our crackers, string cheese, and water and sat on the benches enjoying the company of the elephants.

Then we headed down to the “African Village” where we saw meerkats, green monkeys, lizards, and snakes. On the way we also saw the lions- which were really loud actually- tigers, and giraffes. I must say, she was more interested in sitting under the awning of the picnic area having more snacks and watching the people, rather than animals. But I convinced her to trudge on, and she was pretty excited to see the other monkeys swinging around and screaming.

It wasn’t long before the rides came up again. The Oakland Zoo has a modest ride section, perfect for little kids, and Keana had ridden on the merry-go-round on a previous visit, and wanted to go back. So on the way to the ride area we did drive-by-viewings some bird exhibits and other animals, much too fast to really appreciate, but I reminded myself, “Hey, she’s only three. Let’s go ride the train!”

On the merry-go-round Keana rode the tiger. I think it was a little scary but she held on and eventually got into it. She didn’t even need me holding on to her, but her hand must have been numb from holding on so tight. I must admit, that ride ended just in time for me. I guess I still don’t like rides that go around in circles.

Then we rode the race cars and Keana chose the gold, sparkly sports car. She was the only one on the ride- luckily I was too big to go- and she had a blast. The first couple times around she smiled at the ride attendant and me, then proceeded to sing songs and narrate her little adventure to herself. She even steered in the right direction! After race cars we went on the train that takes you around a small part of the park and around this little hill with a great view. After the train ride Keana just had to ride the race cars again, so I indulged. We had been at the zoo for a couple hours so it was time to pack it up and head out to lunch. One last stop at the gift shop yielded “sister lizards”, one for Keana and one for Maia.

The trip to the zoo was a blast. It’s so fun reliving childhood and experiencing these things with your own kids for their first time. Fun fun.

Going on an adventure

Keana wore her pajamas, her favorite Velcro shoes, and a rainbow fleece from her one-year-old days (so yeah, way too small, but she’s big enough to dress herself, right?). I wore my shorts and t-shirt from yesterday, grabbed her Hello Kitty backpack and stuffed it with a little bear, a bunny, and a water bottle (so yeah, the backpack was a little small for me, but Keana’s going to carry it, right?). She screams out, “We’re going on an adventure!” as we exit the house for a Sunday morning hike.

After a quick stop for some coffee we headed for Tilden Regional Park in the Berkeley hills. I opened the sunroof, baby held her backpack and looked out the window while the local alternative rock station played hits from all the way back in the ’90s. Soundgarden, New Order, and Social D provided our cruising soundtrack while I sipped my coffee and Keana ate her mini-stone wheat thin crackers.

We pulled off the road by the trail and, Hello Kitty backpack in tow, I carried her to the trailhead. She refused to get down. We’ve hiked on paved paths at Tilden before, and I’ve carried her in a backpack on dirt trails, but this was the first time I was trying to get her to hike on her own on a “real” trail. I tried to explain to her that’s why we wear shoes, to keep our actual feet from getting dirty, but Keana wasn’t buying it. So I carried her up the trail all the while trying different angles to get her to hike on her own. At various moments in our conversation I would ask, “So do you want to try it now?” and Keana would reply, “No. Papa carry me. I don’t want to walk.” After a couple hundred yards of hiking uphill carrying Keana, I was wishing that damn Hello Kitty backpack wasn’t too small for me to wear.

We reached the top of the hill and I had to set her down. At first she threatened to unleash a little two-year-old storm, but I quickly jumped in with a barrage of nature observations to distract her.

“Look baby, a rolly-polly!” I exclaimed as I pointed to the tiny bug moving across our path. It became aware of our focus and it curled up into its little ball.

“And listen! Do you hear the birdies? Where are they?” I asked. That was a good one because it was impossible to see any birds in the foliage so we looked for a long time.

And just like that, Keana had forgotten all about the dirty dirt she was standing on. I proposed we move forward and she said, “I wanna go home and see Mama!”

“But we just got here Baby. How about we go a little further?”

“No! I want to see Mama!” she yelled back.

“Okay, no problem, let’s head back,” I said secretly pleased we had even made it this far.

So we continued back down the hill I had carried her up, all the while singing, “We’re walking on dirt! We’re walking on dirt!” and carefully avoiding all the big rocks on the trail. Before we knew it, we were back at the car.

“I don’t want to get in the car!” She yells.

“But you said you wanted to go home, right?” I try to confirm.

“Yeah! I wanna see Mama!”

“Well, in order to see Mama, we have to get back in the car,” I try to reason.

“No! I want to hike home!” She yells back.

“Oh Baby, it’s way too far to hike. But if you want to hike more, we can head back up the trail.”

At this she’s satisfied and heads back up the hill, watching out for bugs and rocks. After a few moments she starts to say, “We’re going home to see Mama!” Hmmmmmm. Where did I go wrong in the little talk at the car? I had to let her in on what was really going on.

“Well Baby, we’re actually not headed towards home,” I say, “remember we headed back up the trail away from the car and away from home.”

“Well, which way is it?” she says. Pointing up the trail she asks, “Is it this way?” then pointing the opposite direction, “Or is it this way Papa?”

I had to laugh.

“It’s that way,” I say pointing back to the car.

“Okay, this way then,” and she heads back down the trail towards the car.

When we arrive back at the car she happily gets in her car seat with her bag of crackers and a book. I turn the radio back on, take a sip of my coffee, and point the car in the right direction, the direction of home.

Keana’s NEW website

In case you didn’t get my last email regarding what’s going on with Keana, I have created a new family website which is taking the place of this blog. Don’t worry, it does have a blog for all the latest stories and wordy details from our lives PLUS movies and of course, lots of pictures now organized by month. Eventually I’ll migrate this blog material over to our website, but for now, feel free to come back here to relive your favorite Keana memories.

I will no longer be sending out emails letting you know when new stuff is up. I’m hoping to get a blog entry up bi-monthly and pictures up monthly. So, without further ado, here’s the URL for the new site:

Everything has a beginning

NOTE: This was written when I moved from Blogger to Apple’s version of a blogging platform.

What does that photo have to do with this entry? Nothing. But thanks anyway Grandma Jennie, I’ll get back to that story in my next entry. First, some business:

I definitely didn’t know if I was up to creating an entire website devoted to our family—not to mention maintaining the thing. As many of you know I’ve been keeping up a blog for Keana and we’ve gotten tons of positive feedback, with a few criticisms and suggestions mixed in (by the way, thanks for the constructive feedback on that). Many of you also know that I have slowly gotten worse and worse at updating that blog. Not to make excuses, but here they are anyway:

  • I work two jobs.
  • Because I work two jobs, my free time is spent with Keana and Sarah first, other family/friends second, and blog last (with a few other things like the cat and bbq mixed around in there too).
  • Formatting photos and getting them in Blogger is a real pain in the ass. To be fair, Blogger is a site for writing, not for posting photo albums.
  • I get really overwhelmed by trying to write down all the amazing things happening in our life—which is a good thing—but overwhelming all the same.
  • I’m tired and I need sleep.

So here we are—in our family site. Cheesey? Yeah, a little. Interesting? Maybe. This is actually going to make it way easier to post photos and videos. And because they’ll be separate from this blog/writing portion, I’m hoping that writing things down won’t be so overwhelming. Not to mention those of you who just want photos and don’t want to even see these things called “words”, you don’t have to. Which means you probably haven’t even read this. Whatever. If you are reading this, just skip right along to those awesome photos and forget the written word even exists.

This is definitely an experiment, but let’s see what happens with this thing. In the future I want to maybe *migrate everything from Blogger to here [iWeb], but for now, I’m going to leave that up so you can kick-start those memories of what life was like when Keana was just a baby blob on the floor, not even walking, just laying around laughing and wiggling.

From here on out, this is where we be. Here’s to new beginnings.

*And I finally did migrate Blogger over, but not to iWeb. I migrated it to here (WordPress) in the summer of 2011; only took 5 years.

What’s happening now?

Mobility: Keana is practically running now. She walks everywhere and even side-steps obstacles with ease. If she’s tired, excited, or distracted, she has the occassional run-in with a fall-enabling-object, but for the most part, she’s cruisin’. She’s even built up to a serious speed-walk, which is almost like running. The other new thing Keana’s been attempting is jumping. It really is just about the cutest thing you can imagine a baby trying to do. The squeeling and laughing while attempting to jump doesn’t hurt the cuteness factor either.

Communication: The girl is talkin’. We’re definitely at the point where there’s too many words to even list now. I think this sums it up: the other day I made some coffee and brought Sarah tea in bed. I went back to the living room where Keana was walking around and she looked straight at me and said, “Where’s my tea?”. I couldn’t believe it. I was in such disbelief that I had to ask, “Did you just say ‘where’s my tea’ baby?”. She nodded yes. What a princess eh? Of course I got her some chamomile tea right away.

Entertainment: Keana’s personality is beyond belief. Truthfully, I never paid attention to babies before, so I don’t really know how kids are. But to see her interact with her world and the people around her is really astonishing. Those of you who have met her know, but she has a way of connecting with people. Everyone in her realm gets eye contact, and just about everyone gets a smile and a “Hiii!”. She keeps that eye contact locked in as people address her and she responds in all kinds of amazing ways. Her sense of humor just grows and grows too and her new ability to make farm animal noises- especially piggies and sheep- really lightens the mood. Her singing continues to develop and now she’s able to sing very distinct phrases of “Hush Little Baby”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and “Happy Birthday”. She still loves to dance and never passes up an after-work dance party with her papa.

Latest News:

  • We’ve had a couple barbecues with friends the last couple of weeks and they’ve been really fun. Friends have even come out from Fresno and Davis to take part in the grilled meat goodness with us. (And I think Keana really enjoys all the attention, cell phones, and purses.)
  • Grandpa Jon visited from Denver on June 11th and 12th and it was great to see him. He’s out on business enough for us to catch up every couple months and give Keana time with her out-of-state grandpa.
  • Sarah, Keana and I had a great time at the NWP (where I work) staff picnic on June 30th, and I think it was really fun for my co-workers to see the most amazing part of my life in person(s).
  • Grandma Jennie visited from Fresno on July 3rd and we went to the farm at Tilden Park and had a great time hanging out with her (and the goats).
  • Great Grandma Bev and Aunt Ruby made it out on the 4th with a bunch of our local friends, as did Adam C. and his girlfriend from Davis.
  • Grandma Linda and Grandpa Sam came up on the 8th, had dinner, and stayed to watch Keana while Sarah and I went to Neel’s (and probably our) last college party. Now that we’re parents, I think we’re really okay with that being our last contribution to a 200+ can “beeramyd”…but who knows?
  • Tia continues to come over about once a week and the two of them have lots of fun giggling together. There was a little fall at the park last week that left some scrapage on Keana’s nose and cheek, but it was nothing too serious. Tia was probably more traumatized than Keana, and we’re even going to let her keep visiting. (j/k Tia!)

Keana chewing on fingers

Keana standing on bed with pen and paper in hand smiling

Keana putting hat on sideways

Keana putting on cowboy hat

Keana holding out hat making silly face

Keana smiling in mirror with hat

Keana with hat on sideways

Keana with hat on sideways smiling

Keana and Tia on couch

Keana chewing on something smiling with Mama

Keana walking with Mama in Fresno backyard

Keana bending down in garden with Mama

Keana with Grandma Jennie

Keana walking away from Grandma Jennie

Keana in yellow dress

Keana making sour face on Mama's lap at dinner

Keana swinging

Keana playing in water table

Keana playing in water table

Keana playing in water table

Keana playing in water table

Keana playing in water table

Keana playing in water table

Keana sitting on floor with book

Keana laying on floor with book covering face

Keana smiling with book

Keana playing with Grandpa Jon

Keana playing with Grandpa Jon

Keana playing with Grandpa Jon

Keana laughing bent over in corner

Keana laughing on couch with Mama

Keana leaning laughing on chair

Tia putting sunglasses on Keana

Keana with sunglasses

Keana looking at camera with yogurt on her face

Keana eating yogurt

Keana smiling with yogurt on her face

Keana eating yogurt

Keana eating yogurt

Keana eating yogurt

Keana eating yogurt

Keana smiling at camera with top teeth

Keana reading with Grandma Jennie

Keana with Mama at farm

Keana at farm with Mama and Gandma Jennie

Keana at farm with Mama and Grandma Jennie

Keana at farm with Papa, Mama and Grandma Jennie

Keana smiling and walking at Tilden

Keana walking with Mama and Grandma Jennie over bridge

Keana making face at camera

hAwaii VaCatiOn

It was Tuesday, May 2. It must have been midnight or maybe it was one, and we were still checking the list to make sure we had everything. I thought we were doing pretty good to even have a list even if we hadn’t gathered everything on it. Of course that list’s existence had nothing to do with me. What would Papa and Keana do without Mama? We were to leave for the airport to go to Hawaii in eight hours and it seemed we were nearing packing completion. We had clothes- outfit upon outfit- for the baby, diapers, medicine, books, toys, baby monitor, snacks, and more. As I looked at the 65 lbs suitcase I knew we must be forgetting something, though I couldn’t fathom packing even MORE stuff. When all was said and done, we had two suitcases and two carry-ons for a 10-day trip. Not bad, right? At least we weren’t hauling the stroller and car seat too.

We met Grandma Linda, Grandpa Sam, and Uncle Peter just outside Oakland International the next day to pick up Uncle Peter who was coming with us to Hawaii. This would be Keana’s first plane ride and we were all excited and a little bit scared (which seems to be the theme this past year-and-a-half). The five hour flight wasn’t really that bad. I must say the ratio of three adults to one baby didn’t hurt, and the fact we were heading to vacation in Hawaii certainly didn’t hurt either. We were also very excited to see the family out there who we don’t often get the chance to visit. It had been a little over a year since Keana had seen her Great Nana and Granddad, and she had never met Great Aunt Julie, Great Uncle Lance, and Cousin Sasha. Of course there were a few plane fiascos- like Keana accidentally dumping half a bottle of water all over herself and her Mama, and us foolishly not having a change of clothes for her (or Mama!)- but other than that, it was actually pretty smooth sailing. We arrived in Hawaii exhausted but in good spirits.

Our condo that we rented was in Makaha Valley in Waianae, which is about 30 or 40 minutes outside Honolulu. Waianae is an interesting little town full of locals. It was great to escape all the tourists in Honolulu, but it was also hard to find decent food. For those of you familiar with traditional Hawaiian grub, you’re probably smirking now as you read this. Most local joints in Hawaii pride themselves on a plate of macaroni salad, some SPAM or bbq pork, and a nice mound of rice with gravy on it. Not bad, really, but not exactly what we’re used to here in the Bay Area. The grocery store was also quite the experience. There were rows and rows of processed or canned food and the meat department had stuff in it that I didn’t even know was edible. The stuff you did recognize had to be bought in quantities of 2 lbs or higher. Afterall, these were not small people. Many people shopping were of Samoan decent. My brother and I could kind of pass for Hawaiian locals- from Honolulu maybe- but Sarah and Keana, with their light hair and blue eyes were catching everyone’s eye. Waianae was not the side of the island anybody really visited. Even my family that lives on Oahu never ventures out to Waianae. When all was said and done though, the beaches were beautiful, the people were really nice, and we were away from the big city.

Visiting with the family was the highlight of the trip. It was great to hear Nana’s stories of her life on and off the island and catch up on Granddad’s research. He’s a professor in the John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii at Monoa. His field of research is immunopathology. Nana likes to tell how Granddad brought her to Oahu in 1965 with plans to leave by 1968, now, 40 years later, they may never make it off “the rock”. They do manage to make it off “the rock” pretty frequently though to visit family in L.A., and sometimes even make it up here to the Bay Area. Great Aunt Julie was also doing well, with her daughter Sasha being a real trooper considering she had to sit for hours while us boring adults talked about “boring” stuff. (Unfortunately the one family member that couldn’t make it was Great Uncle Lance. He was actually in California for a conference, so we’ll have to catch him next time.) Keana also got bored and preferred to walk around the restaurant and flirt with everyone else while they ate.

The other family we hadn’t had much time with lately was Uncle Peter. Peter was in Thailand and southeast asia for 6 months last year, almost half of Keana’s life! He lives in Santa Cruz, so even though he’s not that far from us, we still don’t get to see him on a regular basis. He and Keana had a great time playing in the condo, at the beach, and just getting to know eachother better. Keana absolutely loved having him around and started requesting Uncle Peter time as much as Mama’s or Papa’s.

We made it to the beach at least every other day, but the waves were a little scary for Keana. We weren’t sure how she would react to the sand either, and she didn’t seem to mind it, but didn’t exactly love it. I mean, she didn’t roll around in it like some of our friends’ babies. Eventually we took her to a man-made lagoon and she did love that- all the fun of the real ocean without the scary waves. It was quite hot every day, so we tried to limit our time outside to short trips. We spent just as much time getting ready for the beach as actually BEING at the beach. But really, who can complain? What a life.

The time in Hawaii flew by of course, and before we knew it we were packed up, in the car, and heading to the airport. On the flight home we upgraded to business class and it was beautiful. If only we could afford to travel that way all the time:-) I can’t possibly cram all the amazing details into this writing, but I think you get the idea of what our little excursion to Hawaii was like, and I think the pictures below will tell the rest of our story.

First plane trip!
Keana on Mamas lap by plane window

Keana by plane window

Keana with Mama and Papa by plane window

Uncle Peter! (Three adults:one baby-not a bad ratio on a 5hr. flight.)
Keana looking out window

Waiting for the shuttle. 7 hrs. into our trip.
Whole family with suitcases waiting for shuttle

Mama’s takin’ action.
Mama hailing shuttle holding Keana as Peter looks on

She looks a little worn, right?
Keana looking tired

Brothers with Baby.
Keana between Peter and Papa

Checking out the view from our lanai.
Mama holding Keana on porch

First trip to the beach. The undertow was crazy.
Sarah holding Keana on beach

Sarah getting feet wet holding Keana

Keana pointing as Sarah holds her on beach

Keana looking into sun on beach

Whole family on beach

Keana looking into sun

Keana being held by Peter with Papa too

Keana with Peter

Playin’ in the condo, escaping the heat
Keana smiling with water bottle on floor

At a taqueria with Makaha Valley in the background.
Keana at lunch with Papa and Makaha Valley in background

Keana with hat on in high chair smiling

Keana smiling with just diaper on

On our way to see Great Nana and Grandad, Auntie Julie, and cousin Sasha.
Keana in car seat

Great Auntie Julie and Cousin Sasha came bearing gifts!
Sasha and Julie with gifts for Keana

Great Grandad, Nana, and Uncle Peter catching up.
Grandad looking at camera while Nana and Peter catch up

Unwrapping gifts.
Keana sitting on Mama's lap unwrapping gifts

Mama and Keana share some dessert with Nana.
Keana eating spoon on Mama's lap while talking to Nana

Trading strawberry jams with Nana.
Keana on Mama's lap sharing jam with Nana

Keana on Mama's lap sharing jam with Nana

Keana on Mama's lap sharing jam with Nana

Back to home-base for some fun in the pool.
Keana smiling as Mama holds her swimming

Keana in swimsuit staning on pool steps

Keana with tongue out gettin in pool as Mama holds on

Keana on Peter's lap talking on phone

Keana with hat 1

Keana with hat 2

Keana with hat 3

Keana with hat 4

Loved that play time with Uncle Peter.
Keana playing on floor with Uncle Peter

Coolin’ out in a man-made lagoon, just for babies.
Mama holding Keana swimming in a lagoon

Mama holding Keana swimming in a lagoon

Mama holding Keana on beach

Papa holding Keana smiling

Papa holding Keana smiling at eachother

Papa and Keana pointing at the camera

“Mama, whatchya eatin’?”
Keana staring at Sarah's mouth

“It’s gum Baby Girl. Wanna see a bubble?”
Keana staring as Sarah blows bubble with gum

(pOp!) “No way! Hey-where’d it go?”
Keana staring at Mama's popped bubble

“Okay, G-R-O-S-S.”
Keana staring at Mama's popped bubble uncerain about it

(buzzzzing tongue) “Let’s go play.”
Keana buzzing tongue as Mama carries her away

Mama holding Keana on beach again

Mama holding Keana on beach again

Keana with Mama and Uncle Peter on beach

Time to pack (Uncle Peter’s stuff).
Keana packing Uncle Peter's stuff

Back Track: 3/31-4/22 2006

Since Keana’s first birthday, we’ve been going at the speed of baby. Which is kind of like light speed relative to a small human child. We are constantly amazed at how fast everything is happening. She took her first step and now she’s walking everywhere, just in a matter of weeks. She learns new words every other day and her expressions just won’t quit! We love it. It’s exhausting and rejuvinating all at once. These pictures cover our life from her first birthday and walking, up until our trip to Hawaii…just about a month in our lives. Enjoy:-)

Continuing her love of clothes, Keana is seen here with mama’s scarf that papa got in Paris.
Keana with scarf

Keana by window

Keana by window

Keana looking out window

One of the now rare shots of Keana still crawling.
Keana looking at camera crawling

Silly reindeer games.
Keana laughing at Mama who has pants on head

Not satisfied with THIS pants application.
Keana taking pants off mama's head

Keana showing bottom teeth and pulling

We are just constantly laughing.
Keana laughing at camera

Keana laughing wrestling with mama

Keana laughing with tongue out

Keana's blues

Out of focus but couldn’t resist.
Keana's ohhs

Modeling her new swimsuit for Hawaii from Sage, Caroline, and Jay.
Keana modeling swimsuit

Talking away.
Keana talking with swimsuit

Keana with swimsuit and silly face

A wonderful “welcome home”.
Keana and mama welcoming papa home

Keana smiling with book and mama

Keana smiling on bed

Keana looking upside down at camera

One First

There’s only one
first breath
first smile
first laugh
first cry
first tooth
first word
first step
first birthday.
Happy Birthday Keana.

Keana’s First Birthday, March 22, 2006
(note: video can take 5 minutes or more to load.)

The Birthday Girl, March 22, 2006.
Keana on her first birthday

Keana with tongue out on first birthday

Keana crawling with Miko in background

Her first birthday consolation prize.
Keana reaching for red balloon

Reading birthday card from Grandma Linda.
Keana on Mama's lap reading card

This is a wild party.
Keana reaching off Mama's lap with birthday card

Papa with the Birthday Girl
Keana and Papa on birthday

Keana laughing as Papa tickles neck

Keana smiling with Papa tickling neck

Birthday dinner.
Keana with food on face

Keana with food on face

Some of the decorations.
Picture of Keana with Feliz sign

The second cousins McKenna, Riley, and Cassidy having fun with Great Aunt Kristie in the background.
Keana playing with cousins

Keana playing with second cousins

Opening gifts from Great Aunt Kristie and the girls.
Keana opening gifts

The loot.
Keana opening gifts

Keana holding court with second cousins

Having fun with cousin Cassidy.
Keana getting on Cassidy's lap

Enjoying Cassidy’s hair.
Keana surrounded by Grandma and cousins

Four generations of the Peterson Clan.
Keana Great Grandparents, Grandma, Mama and Papa

Meeting Great Aunt Kristie for the first time!
Keana meeting Great Aunt Kristie for the first time

Three generations of the Swift/Day/Rogers Clans.
Keana with Grandpa Jon, Grandma Jennie, mama and papa

Keana playing with balloon

Keana with Tippy the monkey, one of Mama’s old friends. (photo courtesy of Great Grandma and Grandpa Peterson)
Keana playing with Tippy the monkey

Happy Birthday Keana.
Keana with birthday hat on


The new word is “hot” with an emphasis on the H and the T. Anything on the stove is “HoT!” and anything steaming or in a coffee cup (even if it’s cold) is “HoT!”. It’s adorable. Keana is also practicing walking by holding onto our hands and has a little route that she takes to practice. She starts in the living room, goes into the bedroom, to the bathroom doorway, then back out to the living room, and finally to the kitchen doorway- over and over and over. Eventually your back hurts from bending over to hold her tiny hands, so you have to stop, but she’d probably go on for a while on this route. She’s stood several times, on her own without any arm support, from a sitting/squatting position, and it won’t be long till she’s walking on her own. This excites us, saddens us, and scares us:-)

As for sleeping, well, I guess I just had to say it out loud (see last blog entry). While I was in Denver for work, Sarah pretty much reached her limit and decided it was time to try letting Keana “cry it out” again. (We had tried this a couple months ago and she cried for over an hour and we couldn’t take it.) After only one night of crying for about an hour, she is pretty much putting herself to sleep at 9 a.m., 2 p.m., and 7 p.m. The earlier times are naps that last an hour or two and when she goes down at 7 p.m., she sleeps till 6:30 a.m. or 7 a.m., only waking up slightly throughout the night and then putting herself back to sleep. She’s been on this schedule since 2/24 and it seems almost too good to be true. This has given Sarah more (predictable) time for herself throughout the day and has given us a bit of our night life back. (Well, at least a night life in our house where we can actually talk to each other or watch a movie without the baby vying for our attentions.)

We recently had a visit (Sat. 3/4) from Tia Lucy and Uncle Peter for Lucy’s 30th birthday. It was great to see both of them, especially since we hadn’t seen Lucy since the 4th of July (!) and Peter was just in Thailand for 6 months. Tia Iana was there too, but we’re fortunate to see her throughout the week. She often has quality Keana time while Sarah gets treatment for her neck/back/shoulder injury (yes, the same one she’s been dealing with for the last year that is currently a workman’s comp. case).

Thanks again for all your comments to these entries. Sarah and I love reading them together and I know Keana will enjoy them later!

Reading with Mama before bed…
Keana reading on Mama's lap

…turning the page…
Keana reading on Mama's lap

…the plot thickens.
Keana reading on Mama's lap

Taking a breather after playing with Papa in the morning.
Keana laying on blanket on floor

Petting Miko.
Keana petting Miko

Shortly after this I had to rescue Keana from the mean, mean kitty.
Keana smiling petting Miko

Keana with Mama's hat on

Learning to get dressed, stage 1: acquisition
Keana on knees with jacket

Learning to get dressed, stage 2: evaluation.
Keana holding jacket up to eyes

Learning to get dressed, stage 3: initiation.
Keana holding jacket up over face

Learning to get dressed, stage 4: continuation.
Keana smiling with teeth showing

Learning to get dressed, stage 5: completion (sort of).
Papa holding Keana upside down

Hiding from Mama.
Keana hiding on Mama's hip as Mama lays on couch

Keana lounging on Mama on couch

Kind of like an apalled teenager face?
Keana with funny face at lunch

Keana smiling eating lunch

Now you see her…
Keana mouth open, head just above table at lunch

…now you don’t.
Keana hiding behind table

Loves the kitty.
Keana sitting looking up camera with kitty lying next to her

Figuring out how to put on baby pack.
Keana trying to put on baby pack

Everything goes over the head first.
Keana with baby backpack covering head

Visiting with Uncle Peter for Tia Lucy’s 30th.
Keana sitting on Peter's lap

Taking a lap with Uncle Peter.
Keana walking with Uncle Peter

Keana walking with Uncle Peter through doorway

Talking with Uncle Peter as Miko vies for attention.
Keana talking with Uncle Peter as Miko stretches beneath

Keana smiling on Uncle Peter's knee

Making faces.
Keana making faces with Uncle Peter

Getting sleepy.
Keana laying on floor

Hanging out with Tia Lucy for her post 30th birthday bbq.
Keana on Lucy's lap

Ready to escape.
Keana on Lucy's lap trying to get away

Playing drums on the yogurt container with spoon.
Keana playing on yogurt container with spoon