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Can Babies Punk Rock?

Catchy title, huh? And that’s pretty much all it is. Well, sort of. I’ll see if I can bring it back to that later. Sarah and I have been going back and forth a lot lately about child development and where Keana fits into the whole wishy-washy spectrum of it. What brought us back to the “where does she fit in, is she normal?” thing is the sleeping issue. Oh yes, it’s an issue. Although we feel it isn’t as bad as some stories we’ve heard, we’re definitely worn out. We know it’s normal and everyone goes through it, but we still can’t help but ask, “Is there a better way? Are we doing something wrong? What are we doing right?”. There’s usually a couple nights a week where both of us sleep really well, but the majority of the time, she’s up on and off throughout the night which is especially hard on Sarah. It’s tough just putting her to sleep at times- sometimes she just nurses to sleep in a very peaceful manner, and sometimes we’re nursing, then we’re wrestling, then we’re singing, and rocking, and dancing…and by the end of it Keana is peacefully asleep in her crib, but an hour has passed (give or take), we’re both exhausted, dehydrated, and I’m usually sweating as if I’ve just biked from Berkeley to Richmond. It’s these nights we have to ask, “Is there a better way?”. We’ve certainly tried many different things, but we are still researching it and debating and we’ll let you know when/if we have some epiphanies on the matter!

Which of course brings us to punk rock. Where in the child development spectrum do “they” say to introduce punk rock music? As I teach my music lessons each week (and over the years) I’m always amazed at how little kids are exposed to. Most kids have been exposed primarily to one type of music, usually rock in the area I teach in, and some simply “don’t listen to much music”. That one really gets me. Here they are, at a music school, instrument in hand ready to learn how to play some music, yet at home they “don’t really listen to much music”. Wow. I also tend to see a correlation between a person’s range of music they’ve been exposed to and their world view. Because of the importance of music in every culture, region, and socio-economic class, it would make sense that if you’re only familiar with one type of music, then you’d only be familiar with one type of people or culture. I don’t know. Maybe I’m going too far here…the point is I think punk rock is important in a child’s development. And so is the blues, jazz, hip-hop, rock, folk, “world”, country (yes, even country), pop, metal, and of course classical. I feel exposing all these different styles of music to Keana not only gives her more to choose from as far as what she likes, but also opens up the conversation- to be had later of course- about other cultures, histories, perspectives, and ways of life. The last thing we want to do is force our musical taste (or any point of view) on Keana, but we certainly don’t want her to be limited by our preferences and our knowledge. Isn’t that the whole point- allowing each generation to be smarter and more open-minded than the last?

Okay, I’m done. Enjoy the pics!

Speaking of punk rock…
Keana with mohawk in tub

Keana with mohawk in tub

Keana with mohawk in tub

Keana with mohawk in tub blinking

Keana with mohawk in tub

Sitting in her own chair.
Keana smiling in chair

Hanging out with Tia.
Keana with Tia

Grandma Jennie in town (1/30/2006) for visits
Keana with Grandma Jennie

Uncle Peter brought home this traditional hat from Thailand.
Keana wearing Mong hat with Papa

She HAD to have that hat first thing in the morning.
Keana on couch wearing Mong hat

Our little snaggle tooth. (She almost has 3 top teeth and 3 bottom teeth!)
Keana smiling with teeth showing

Loves to be upside down.
Papa holding Keana upside down

Again, in her OWN chair.
Keana sitting in own chair with book

“Here Miko, you can have my dolly.”
Keana squatting with Miko in chair with doll

Trying to put a hat on.
Keana trying to put a hat on

Gunnin’ for that camera.
Keana leaning toward camera

Let’s catch up a little

What can we say? Our little girl is growing up. With her first round of holidays well under her belt, Keana forges on with rapid speech development, a growing variety of gastronomical treats, and of course, new dance moves. In fact just two weeks ago she came up with a new dance that’s sort of a shimmy mixed with some boogaloo and a lot of rock ‘n’ roll. This girl’s got moves. Dancing’s important, but her vocabulary now regularly includes bye-bye, kitty and hi, and she signs for more, milk, finished, and up. And those are just the sounds and gestures we’ve deciphered. There’s so much more. I really need to put up a recording of her talking and singing!

Keana regularly attends our homebirth mothers group on Tuesdays and is now doing a music class on Thursdays with the same group of misfits. Homebirth babies and moms are a rare breed and she and Sarah love their weekly meetings.

Below are some pictures from before Christmas up to the beginning of January. Enjoy!

Still got those baby blues.
Keana with red hood

Playin’ on that sheep skin.
Keana playing on sheep skin

You can’t tell, but she’s helping us wrap gifts.
Keana with yellow knit hat

Loves Aunt Mary’s tiger.
Keana smiling with stuffed tiger in background

Up at Grandma Bev’s lake house.
Keana with lake in background

Good view of bottom teeth.
Keana's bottom teeth with lake in background

Papa and Baby Girl.
Keana and Papa with lake in background

Playin’ at the solstice party with Stella and Papa Nino.
Keana with Stell and Nino

Having a blast at Grandpa Roberts and Nana Cin’s.
Keana laughing with a pillow

Tia Rachel and Mama at Grandpa’s for “Pre-Christmas”.
Keana on couch with Tia Rachel and Mama

Loves her Grandpa Robert.
Keana smiling at Grandpa Robert

Playing with plastic dinosaurs on Grandpa’s lap.
Keana playing with plastic dinos on Granpa Robert's lap

Nana Cin enjoying Grandpa/Keana time.
Keana on Grandpa Robert's lap with Nana Cin smiling in background

Finally a fun use for that basket thing.
Keana smiling in laundry basket as Mama pushes her

Little Basket Baby.
Keana with bright blues in basket

The first Christmas dress and the joy of putting it on!
Keana dress belt wrapped around forehead

Keana Christmas dress and hat on with ears sticking out

Holding court with Grandma Linda and cousins Cassidy, Riley and McKenna.
Keana surrounded by Grandma and cousins

This is the first time they get to meet Keana, live and in person.
Keana withe Cassiday, Riley, and McKenna smiling at her

And she LOVES her cousins!
Keana smiling snuggled in comforter 2

First life-sized bear from Great Grandma and Grandpa.
Keana staring at big white bear

Mesmerized by another little bear from Great Aunt Janet.
Keana staring at little brown bear with Riley in the background

Riley reads us “Piggie Pie!”.
Keana on Papa's lap with Riley reading book

The amazing “reverse hair pull”, beautifully executed on Great Aunt Janet.
Keana pulling Aunt Janet's hair behind her head

Folks, that’s the face of a champion.
Keana with a great face pulling Aunt Janet's hair

Great Aunt Janet proves to be a worthy adversary.
Aunt Janet pulls Keana's hair as Keana pulls Aunt Janet's hair

What did Great Grandma say?
Keana looking seriously at Great Grandma

Christmas Eve, ready to go.
Keana holding wrapped gift smiling

Tia and Mama worn out by that girl in the middle.
Keana between Tia and Mama making face at camera

All smiles.
Keana smiling at camera

A rasberry for Papa.
Keana sticking tongue out at camera as Tia and Mama smile

Opening her first Christmas gift from Mama and Papa.
Keana sitting between Mama and Papa opening gift

Reading her first gift.
Keana reading her book she got for Christmas

Wrestling with Papa.
Keana peering out over Papa's shoulder

Christmas morning with Grandma Jennie.
Keana sitting with Grandma Jennie smiling on Christmas morning

Nuzzling Papa.
Keana nuzzling Papa

Do we look alike?
Keana smiling with Papa on Christmas morning

Keana and Papa biting a toy

Keana and Papa sharing toys

Copying faces.
Keana and Papa making faces

Keana opening her stocking.
Keana digging into stocking

Grandma Jennie helps out.
Keana getting help from Grandma Jennie

This book has FUR in it!
Keana petting her animal book

And the crowd’s reaction. (Grandpa Sam, Grandma Linda, Tia Iana and Uncle Michael.)
Grandpa Sam, Grandma Linda, Tia Iana and Uncle Michael sitting on couch smiling at Keana

Keana’s first doll.
Keana eating doll's head

For those of you who think she just smiles all the time.
Keana sitting up looking at camera buzzing tonuge

Papa and Keana looking in a mirror.
Keana sitting on Papa's lap looking in mirror toy

Who is that in the mirror?
eana sitting on Papa's lap looking in mirror toy

Ahhh, kisses.
Keana kissing mirror toy

Can’t resist pinching those cheeks!
Mama pinching Keana's cheeks as she smiles

“Hey, take me over there.”
Keana pointing on Mama's lap

Playing with Grandma Linda and twine.
Keana playing on floor with Grandma Linda

Obligatory Christmas dinner table shot.
Everyone around the Christmas dinner table

The morning after Christmas.
Keana crawling with white beanie on

Reading with Mama.
Keana sitting on Mama's lap while reading

Practicing with Papa.
Keana on Papa's lap while he plays the trumpet

Okay, not IN the mouth, ON the mouth.
Keana smiling with mouthpiece in mouth on Papa's lap

Arms are a little short, but we’ll start workin’ on the chops.
Keana on Papa's lap looking as if she's playing trumpet

Keana smiling while Mama feeds her banana

“Back in my day, we were so poor, my parents made me play with a can of beans!”
Keana laughing while holding can of beans

Keana laughing while holding can of beans

Down the hatch.
Keana chugging can of beans

Keana with Papa's Giants hat over eyes

Keana pulling Giants hat off

Keana holding Giants hat over head

Directing the readjustment of the car seat.
Keana holding open and looking through front door peek door

Give me that!
Keana reaching for camera with huge grin

Keana holding sunglasses on floor

Keana mugging for camera with sunglasses on

Keana smushing nose with sunglass arm

Hollywood II.
Keana mugging for camera with sunglasses on

Can’t wait to get in!
Keana standing naked by tub

The Fam at sunset by the Berkeley marina.
Mama, Papa and Keana with sunset and ocean in backgroung

Keana with sunset on face smiling at Mama

Keana with sunset on face smiling at Mama

Keana with sunset on face smiling at Mama


Last weekend we headed to Santa Cruz. Tia Iana’s birthday was Oct. 19 and she was a having a belated party in Santa Cruz on Saturday (Oct. 22). The party was at Joscelyn, Creek and Mari’s house and Mari was kind enough to let us stay in her room since she was out of town. It was great to visit with old friends and let them marvel at Keana. Keana had a great time and was only slightly bummed she couldn’t go to the bar with everyone else. She and Papa stayed at the house though and played with teething toys and books. It had been a while since Papa had been to bed before 10 p.m., so that was quite a treat. The thing about having a baby is that you can’t do what you used to do… but you do wake up the next morning much more refreshed.

We came back Sunday evening and rounded out the weekend with two full loads of tiny clothes and blankets.

In other events, Keana had her 7 month birthday on the 22nd and continues to practice getting up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She’s also able to get herself up from a fully leaned over position which is quite useful while playing sitting up. Her vocabulary is ever-expanding- along with her volume- and she has added “mama” to her repertoire. The teeth are just under the surface and she’s having a hard time coping with that. Last Tuesday she had a fever of 102 but it broke over night, and after a trip to the pediatrician, all fears were relieved.

Grandma Jennie is in town until Tuesday, so we’ll be having dinner with her tonight and hopefully she and Keana and Sarah can have some quality time while she’s here!

Keana popping in her favorite movie.
Keana opening VCR

Workin’ out.Keana doing a push up

Keana forming a bridge

Keana close up

Keana snuggling Mama

Crawling…any day now!Keana on hands and knees

Cold in the morningKeana with white sweater hood on

Keana with white sweater hood on looking up

“Papa, I’m FREEZING.”Keana with white sweater hood on with pleading look

LOVES the Country Savvy container.Keana with white sweater hood holding Country Savvy container

Keana on Papa's lap

Keana with belly hanging out chewing on Country Savvy container

At Tia Iana’s birthday party with Tia Rachel and Mama.Keana with Tia Rachel and Mama

Goin’ to breakfast.Keana with beanie on in Mama's arms as Tia Iana looks on

Keana smiling with beanie on

Tia Jos gets in on the photo op.Keana with Mama, Tia Jos and Tia Iana

Playing with Tia Jos on the floor.Keana playing with Jos on the floor

Keana smiling

Keana with great worried expression

Keana concentrating looking down

Keana looking in camera

Keana lounging on bed

Keana looking in camera on bed

Keana with one covered by sheet, looking in camera

A picture is worth…

8/30/05, 9:05 p.m.
Keana with shirt hat

8/30/05, 9:05 p.m.Keana with shirt hat 2

8/30/05, 9:06 p.m.Keana with shirt hat 3

9/4/05, 2:49 p.m.Keana close up

9/6/05, 5:04 p.m.Keana with shirt hat 4

9/22/05, 11:52 a.m., Birthday Girl!!! (6 months)Keana 6 month birthday

9/22/05, 11:53 a.m., Birthday Girl!!! (6 months)Keana 6 month birthday

9/22/05, 11:53 a.m., Birthday Girl!!! (6 months)Keana 6 month birthday

9/22/05, 1:54 p.m., Birthday Girl!!! (6 months)Keana 6 month birthday with papa

9/22/05, 2:03 p.m., Birthday Girl!!! (6 months)Keana 6 month birthday with mama

9/22/05, 2:09 p.m., Birthday Girl!!! (6 months)Keana hugging mama's face

9/22/05, 7:54 p.m., Birthday Girl!!! (6 months)Keana smiling eating teddy bear

9/25/05, 2:44 p.m.Keana smiling on bed with mohawk

9/25/05, 7:37 p.m.Keana smiling with turban shirt

9/28/05, 3:38 p.m.Keana smiling reading book

9/29/05, 12:39 p.m.Keana with other homebirth mothers and babies in pool

9/29/05, 12:50 p.m.Keana with rubber duck with Caroline and Sage

10/2/05, 3:35 p.m.Keana smiling snuggled in comforter

10/2/05, 3:36 p.m.Keana wide-eyed snuggled in comforter

10/2/05, 3:37 p.m.Keana smiling snuggled in comforter 2

10/7/05, 5:46 p.m.Keana in overalls leaning back

10/7/05, 5:46 p.m.Keana twirling arms buzzing tongue

10/7/05, 6:27 p.m. (Happy Birthday Grandma Linda!)Keana smiling snuggled in comforter

10/7/05, 6:42 p.m. (Happy Birthday Grandma Linda!)Keana smiling with fur hat on

10/7/05, 7:43 p.m. (Happy Birthday Grandma Linda!)Keana smiling with fur hat on

10/8/05, 4:09 p.m.Keana smiling with fur hat on

10/8/05, 4:19 p.m.Keana sitting up looking at camera

10/8/05, 4:21 p.m.Keana sitting up looking at camera sucking on gums

10/8/05, 4:21 p.m.Keana sitting up looking at camera buzzing tonuge

10/9/05, 2:37 p.m.Keana sitting up looking at camera buzzing tonuge


Last weekend (Sept. 9-10) we journeyed to Fresno for Uncle Michael’s going-away-to-college party. It was a great moment to be shared with family and friends, but it was also shared with a very sad event. Sarah’s Uncle Chuck passed away unexpectedly September 8th. He was only 58. The weekend was spent celebrating Michael’s beginning of “real” adult life, and, in a somewhat more silent way, celebrating the life of Chuck.

It was a 24 hour trip, leaving the east bay Friday night and returning Saturday night. I think Keana was a welcome distraction, and there was no shortage of smiles from the Little One. She also slept both nights traveling, so that was great too. Needless to say we were pretty ragged upon our return home, and the fact that I was pushing the car’s gas tank almost too far, was not appreciated. We were able to sputter into a gas station in time though, a few miles from home, so I got off with just a little nervous laughter from Sarah instead of something more…how should we say…severe.

We left the camera and the baby carrier in Fresno, so there are no pictures this week and there was no carrying the baby. (Well, we carried her just a little anyway.)

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Keana has begun to roll. It started almost two weeks ago, around August 23, and I got a call from Sarah around 10 in the morning saying, “She did it! She rolled over!” A seemingly small, very exciting event. It seemed small at first and then I realized this is how it all begins. First she’s rolling over, then crawling, and before you know it running to her friend’s house to play, dancing at the prom, and walking on stage to receive her college diploma. Well, maybe not quite that quick, but it only took her a week to work out the quirks of rolling over onto her stomach, so we know she’s going to learn this mobility thing real quick-like. She still can’t roll completely over, back onto her back from her stomach, but now she loves to sleep on her side and stomach. In fact, if she gets fussy sleeping, she’ll self-soothe by rolling over onto her stomach and goes back to sleep. Pretty cool little trick.

Last weekend was busy. On Saturday, August 27, we went to a bbq with the other families in our homebirth class and caught up with all of them. The mamas and babies meet just about every week for a mother’s group session, but the dads don’t, so it was good for us to see all the others and see what the babies are up to. It’s pretty cool to see 7 or 8 other babies your own kid’s age, and check out the similarities and differences. They’re all pretty much doing the same things developmentally so they have fun eating each-other’s feet and stealing each-other’s toys. At least at this age they don’t really care if someone takes their toy- they just find another. We’ll see what it’s like when this little group of kids reaches 3 or 4.

On Sunday we went to a potluck/bbq with mostly friends from high school. It was at Neel’s house and from high school Larry, Kacie, Andrea, and Ksenya were there, along with Neel’s housemates Amish and Jacob (fellow grad students at Berkeley), and of course Tia Iana. For some reason I didn’t get many pics from that event, probably cause I was too busy eating and talking.

This Labor Day weekend has been nice and mellow with nothing major to report. We really value all our time together and the opportunity to rest. I’m actually ditching nap time right now to write this entry. See my commitment to keeping y’all in our little loop here?

Grabbin’ toes (precursor to rolling over).
Keana grabbing her toes

Papa can’t resist the sleeping pictures!Keana sleeping

See?!Keana sleeping 2

New toys, oh boy!Keana with new toys

Keana smiling standing on mamas lap

Keana eating Mama’s face.Keana eating mama's face '

Keana on Tia's lap

Keana with ring on face and handing other to the camera

Laughin’ with Papa on the floor.Laughing with Papa on the floor

Keana sleeping with hands clasped

Homebirth bbq at Tilden.Keana with Papa at the Homebirth bbq smiling

Keana with Papa at the Homebirth bbq smiling 2

Keana with little friend Elio and Melissa.Keana Elio and Melissa

With Mama at the homebirth bbq.Keana with Mama at the Homebirth bbq smiling

Keana with Mama at the Homebirth bbq 2

“Shhh Mama, let ME tell them!”Keana holding Mama's mouth shut and smiling at camera

Gettin’ Mama.Keana going after Mama's face

Keana just a little unsure about Larry and his hair.Keana on Larry's lap

Some Keana Events and Then a Word About Stats

written August 16th, but just posted today
Keana events: As you can probably tell by the number of posts in the last two weeks, there haven’t been a lot of exciting events in our house. Keana continues to amaze us with her smiles and laughs. The other night- Saturday, August 13- Sarah’s cousin Nathan, his girlfriend Jenny, and Tia Iana came over. We bbq’d salmon and andouille and had a great time. Tia Iana practiced some acupressure on the guests and we all danced, including Keana. She loves to dance- at least she smiled and laughed the whole time, so we’re going on that.

Grandma Linda and Grandpa Sam came by for a quick visit on Sunday (Aug. 14). Grandma just had her 51st or 52nd surgery- I honestly have lost count. This one was on her ankle, though most of them have been on her knees. It went well as you can see by her taking a visit up to see her grand daughter. We talked, we laughed, we caught up on 4 weeks in 2 hours and then they left.

A word on Keana’s stats: I think stats for babies are a little weird. I mean, we’re not talkin’ baseball players here. Imagine that- baby “baseball” cards you could trade with your friends! I can understand that we need to know certain stats to be sure the kid is developing “properly” and what not, but how’s this for a stat: How often does your kid smile? That’s it. No pounds or inches, no square-footage of carpet covered by rolling or crawling, no percentiles. Just frequency of smileage. I say if your kid smiles and laughs, then everything’s fine. You may be saying, “Well, Luke, you’re just saying that because you don’t know Keana’s real stats.” This is true. I know she weighs somewhere around 18-19-20 lbs. and she’s about 28-29-30 inches long, but I have no idea if that’s “normal” or if she’s “on track”. I do know this: she smiles ALL THE TIME. Which says to me her heart is developing well within stellar perameters, her liver and kidneys are processing all toxins well above average, her brain is emitting phenomenal levels of post-natal electric charge, and her skeletal structure ranks well within the national mean. You may be saying, “Well, Luke, if your child was born with complications then you’d be singing a different tune.” You’re right. But she wasn’t. We’re fortunate and I say if your child was born healthy and smiles a lot, don’t worry about the scale, the tape measure, and all the other stats. Give her a hug, sing her a song, tell her a joke, whatever- just enjoy her and save the stats for baseball.

Grabbin’ Mama’s nose.
Keana grabbing mama's nose

Stand in the place that you are.Keana standing

Tummy time with Mama.Keana on floor on tummy with mama

Miko gettin’ in on the action.Keana with mama, on tummy with miko watching

Keana smiling as mama kisses

Grandma Linda, after ankle surgery, with The Girl.Keana on Grandma Linda's lap '

Tellin’ stories to Tia.Keana on Tia's lap

Hamin’ for Papa.Keana smiling at camera on Tia's lap

Little moccasins from Suzie.Mama putting on baby moccasins on Keana

Let the love for shoes begin.Keana standing in moccasins

Keana with moccasins smiling

Keana with moccasins smiling 2

Tia brought a new sun dress from Reggae on the River.Keana with sun dress from Tia

Miko the cat reaching out to Keana…but from a safe distance.Keana with Miko

Startin’ to find ‘dem toes.Keana holding toes

Keana holding toes 2

Keana holding toes 3

Keana holding toes with Mama smiling

We believe in Safety Napping.Keana looking on as mama wears bike helmet in bed

Waiting for dinner.Keana at table on Papa's lap

The Littlest Camper

Keana experienced her first camping trip with Sarah’s Family and Beyond- the Beyond part being close friends of Sarah’s parents from back in the day (who are family by all intents and purpose). I was told there were about 45 of us, but we were so spread out that it was hard to tell there were that many. I’m fairly new to this whole thing myself, this being my third year attending, so I don’t quite know all the facts of this legendary experience, but it is a great time with great people. If you want more background info, I’m definitely not the man to ask.

Sarah had her deposition on Wednesday, June 19, which went well. We won’t have a court date for potentially another year, so that process continues to be a pain in the ass. It’s crazy to think that in the period of time that Sarah was injured and maybe will have obtained a court date, we will have gotten married and had a kid. Not only that, but our kid will have learned to walk, talk, and eat solid foods. Amazing. Anyway, back to the point here. After the deposition we packed the car and hit the road around 9 p.m. (a little later than planned). The campout was by Wishon Reservoir back on a gnarly dirt road. The drive took us about 5.5 hours, which was actually record time, and Keana slept the whole way. Night travel is awesome. Now the only problem with arriving at a campsite at 2:30 a.m. is finding it. Sarah’s family was nice enough to set up our tent and bedding, but we had no idea where they were. We were about to just start shining lights in random tents before we found John’s truck and our small village of tents- success. We slept fairly well, which was good, because the next day was not so fun.

Sarah woke up in the morning with more symptoms of breast infection, so she took some Poke root as prescribed by a health guru we had just visited in Santa Cruz. Within a few hours she was puking her guts out and hating the fact we were nowhere near a toilet. Keana did great throughout this ordeal, mostly hanging out in my arms and wondering why mama wasn’t feeding her as much. Luckily after a few hours of throwing up, the Poke root seemed to work it’s way out of her system and she began to return to normal. Exhausted from the ride the night before, and after a day of trying to replace the nourishing, comforting breast of mama with crude singing and hairy arms, I was not looking forward to an immediate return home in the car. Fortunately it didn’t come to this and we greeted Friday happily.

On Friday we took a trip down to the river where Keana enjoyed a nap, some sand, a bunch of annoying deer flies, and a not-so-nice “dip” in the river. She loved the sand, but when Grandma Jennie put just a tiny bit of her feet in the river, she immediately frowned and threatened to cry. The river was quite cold so I don’t blame her. I devised a way of slow immersion for myself, where you do a very slow push-up into the water until you’re totally submerged. Something about introducing the whole length of your body slowly instead of just one part, makes it a little easier- kind of like that whole thing about boiling a frog by slowly increasing the heat. Anyway, Friday night was the cocktail party and this year’s theme was Mexico. Unfortunately we were ill prepared in the costume dept. so we made due with what we had as you can see in the pictures below.

Saturday was another great day with a trip to the river ending in a wonderful potluck dinner where you actually get to see everyone at the campout all at once. The food is always amazing and you’re only reminded that you’re actually camping by the biting and buzzing of the mosquitoes in the meadow. Thankfully Keana escaped the camping trip with only one or two bites. Grandpa Robert and Nana Cin were camping up the road and stopped by to say “hi” at the potluck, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Sunday’s car ride back in to Fresno was no joke. Packing up was easy enough, but we had to stop four times to soothe our sad little baby. A drive which should have been 2 hours was extended to 3.5. She wasn’t really hungry- I think she just missed us, because every time we pulled over and brought her up to the front seat, she started giggling and smiling without needing to eat. I think the camping just wore her out and she was ready for a little R&R with Mama and Papa. To add to this, it was 110 degrees outside, so we had to stay in the car with the A/C on so we didn’t get brain damage or fry the protective coating off our eyeballs.

We finally made it to Grandma and Grandpa’s in Fresno and after a few burgers from In-N-Out, we were ready for some long needed sleep. We hibernated on Monday out of the heat, and hit the road around 9 p.m. for our stealth travel. Keana was unusually sensitive while sleeping that night, so we did the three hour drive stealth-style for real: no music, no talking, no noise. That was a long three hours.

We’re back now and just recovering from the scheduling flux, but all in all it was a great campout and we’re ready and rearin’ to go for the next. (Some pics from this experience are included below, but click here for all the pics from campout. NOTE: may take a few minutes to load.)

Aunt Christina with Keana.
Keana with Aunt Christina

Grandma Jennie and Keana.Keana with Grandma Jennie

The Littlest CamperKeana in woods

Morning bubbles.Keana with bubbles

Keana on Mama's lap

Keana on Mama's lap 2'

Keana on Mama's lap 3

Keana’s first camping “bucket bath”.Keana bucket bath

Orale.Papa, Mama and Baby at Mexico Cocktail party

Mama kissing Keana

Grandpa John and the Littlest Camper.Keana with Grandpa John

Ready to hike to the river (or pleading for help).Keana with Grandpa John

At the river with Papa.Keana with Papa at the river

Tia Rae with The Littlest Camper.Keana with Tia Rae

Smiles for the camera with Tia Iana.Keana with Tia Iana

Uncle Michael’s a lot of fun.Keana with Uncle Michael

The Whole Damn Family…well, some of ’em.The Whole Damn Family

Lying Here on the Floor

Keana and I are lying here on the floor trying to remember what we wanted to say. I guess we’ll start with the past, move to the present, and then on to the future.

Past: Last weekend we went to Santa Cruz to house sit for Uncle Peter. Peter’s in Laos right now with his housemates, so no one was home. Although the cats that live there are a little weird, it was great. It was a pretty relaxing weekend but Keana did have a fairly full schedule of social engagements. Friday night we stopped by Joscelyn’s house on the way in to town and stayed there for a couple hours just visiting with her and her housemate Creek. It was really the first time we got to visit with Jos since the birth, so that was good. All of a sudden it was 9:30 p.m. and we were supposed to meet Bryn for dinner- oops- so Bryn was really sweet and picked up some take-out for us and met us back at the house. It was also great to visit with Bryn who we hadn’t seen in at least a month. It’s amazing how fast time is traveling.

Saturday we had an appointment with this woman Raven to do a little magic on Sarah to help her with her chronic breast infections. Raven is a local Santa Cruz midwife, acupuncture, chinese medicine guru, so we thought she might be able to give us some advice that our acupuncturist, doctor, and midwives hadn’t. It was a great 2 hour session and I think Sarah walked out the door feeling much better- at least feeling more confident of what to do when the infections came on. Later on in the day we went back to Jos’s house and visited some more. The next day we had breakfast with Bryn and Lucy and then hit the road. It was a great weekend even it was a little busy.

Present: When I’m not going to work I often take Keana upstairs for a little QT early in the morning so Mama can get a little sleep. Keana’s got her pink elephant that Great Aunt Janet gave her. They seem to be having a disagreement, but Keana’s showing her who’s boss through brute force, a little slobber, and lots of bitin’s. Maybe I’ll try that method next time I have a disagreement with someone. It certainly would take them off guard. Anyway, I’m trying to keep this blanket on her, but she really doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Miko’s here with us attacking my feet and making it quite difficult to pay attention here. I think my time is limited before Keana decides this is no good and wants milkins. Oh, I think she’s trying to tell me something. Probably along the lines, “Hey, get off the computer and take me to Mama.” Gotta go, be back later to finish this thing.

Okay, back now, just 7 hours later:) Sarah’s at her deposition for her worker’s comp case. Keana and I have had a stellar time. We brought Mama lunch at 1:30 and now we’re back at the house. I sang her to sleep in the backyard and hopefully she’ll stay asleep till I get this thing done.

Future: Tonight we’re heading out to Sarah’s family’s annual camping trip. The camping area is up by Wishon Reservoir, about 6hrs. from here. It’s on private property, friends of the family, and we go with anywhere from 20 to 30 family and friends. A lot of the people there are friends from high school so they’re all basically family. This will not only be Keana’s first family campout, but her first camping trip in general. So be prepared for lots of “Keana: Queen of the Woods” pics on the next entry.

Bath time, WoOhoO!
Keana in bath

Keana in bath

Keana in bath

Keana in bath

Keana of the hill people.Keana in hood

Restin’ in Santa Cruz between social engagements.Keana and Papa sleepin'

Sarah, Bryn and Keana at breakfast.Keana with Bryn and Sarah

Keana on Bryn's lap

“Hey, Papa, get me standing while this lady talks.”Keana standing on Bryn's lap

Keana’s Backstreet Boy impersonation in the back seat.Keana with hat over eyes

Hey, that was scary!Keana with hat off of eyes

Keana’s 1st 4th

Keana experienced her first 4th of July yesterday but it was really like any other weekend day out our house. We all slept in…sort of. I mean, in the end Keana and I woke up around noon-fifteen, but before that, she and I were up at 7:45 a.m. with a diaper change, a little conversation, and a sampling of Stravinsky’s Firebirds. Then when she got hungry, we went back down to see Mama about a little breakfast. We all fell back into blissful sleep until mama woke up for a little alone time while Baby and Papa slept in. Keana and I woke up about the same time and it is truly an amazing event when this baby wakes up. First she kicks A BUNCH, then strrrretches, wiggles her arms extremely fast, then kicks some more, all the while grunting and sputtering like an olympic weight lifter. Just for fun I tried her wake-up routine and, needless to say, it proved just a little too much for my “older” constitution. (And I think it kinda scared Keana.)

We had a nice leisurely breakfast and discussed the possibilities of attempting to see some fireworks. Tia Lucy showed up with way too much food and not long after, Tia Iana showed up with way too much food. Not only that, but Lucy brought a sheik, little kitty doll for Keana. We were certainly spoiled yesterday.

I grilled up all the food while the four princesses chatted away. By the time 7:30 p.m. rolled around we were stuffed with so much BBQ chicken, veggie chili dogs, and strawberry shortcake, that we weren’t even thinking about fireworks anymore. After cleaning up the kitchen the Tias hit the road early and the three of us were left very sleepy, but quite content. No fireworks, no parades, no street fairs- just good company, good bbq, and a good time.

Papa asleep on the job.
Keana with sleeping Papa

Mama making Keana laugh. She’s starting to laugh a lot more and we can’t stand it!
Keana laughing with Mama

Gettin’ some tummy time with Papa.Keana surfing on Papa

Happiest baby.Keana smiling with Papa

Keana Blue Eyes

Keana with Tongue Out

Talkin’ and laughin’.Keana Talkin' and laughin'

Keana holding her new kitty doll that Tia Lucy brought her.Keana with Tia Lucy and new kitty doll

Happiest baby, the sequel.Keana smiling

More happy.Keana smiling with toys

Tia Iana and Lucy with their favorite bambina.Keana with Grandma