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Taking Time for Puddles and Other Important Things

I started writing this blog almost nine years ago(!) as a way to fill in those spaces between photos and videos. I still look at this space in that way, but more and more I see it as a place to remind myself of what’s important in my life—a place of gratitude.

The last few weeks it’s been easy to lose sight of life. I’ve been caught up in work and details of the day-to-day. Sarah’s started a new job with It Works! and that’s been a big adjustment for everyone. It felt as if our life couldn’t get any busier and then it did. More and more I realize that’s just the way it’s going to be—especially as the girls get older and busier themselves—and more and more I’m realizing the importance of taking time to check in here. I need to take time to sort through all our amazing photos and pick out the best ones. I need to try and post some videos and then write about the “spaces in between” here. It’s one way I stay grounded in my life and there’s the added benefit of keeping a family history, too.

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The Moments In Between

Tonight I asked Keana what I should write about, and she replied (as if she was waiting for just that question), “Why don’t you just write about taking us to ballet and picking up dinner?” I thought for a moment and replied, “Huh. That’s a good idea. I think I will.” She was onto something.

Sarah was sick today so I did a little more with the kids than I usually do. I picked Maia up at 1 p.m. from school with Aliya in tow. Aliya was ready to get out, and as I got her dressed to go, I gave her the option of a purple dress with black pants, or a black t-shirt so she could be “all black.” She was pretty excited at the “all black” option and even sought out her black boots to complete the ensemble.

We arrived at school and parked down the street, and as we started down the sidewalk, she said in a tired tone, “I hate walking here.” “Really?” I said, “Why’s that?” “Ugh, I just hate walking this way.” My first reaction was to discount her seemingly strong feelings, but I just kept my mouth shut and said, “Huh.”

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