Muir Beach in November

The little ones were restless this morning. At first I wasn’t sure whether they needed to get outside for an adventure or just take it easy indoors. Sarah convinced me the outdoors was what we needed so, it being a beautiful day, we headed to the beach.

Keana requested “Rock ‘n’ roll!” and Maia fell asleep immediately. It was smooth sailing to Muir Beach (our favorite). Indeed, it was warm and beautiful and we could hardly believe that it was November. Apparently everyone else was on the same page because the beach was quite busy, even before noon. We found our spot and the girls quickly dug into the sand, Keana making a castle and Maia just enjoying picking up the sand, squeezing it through her fingers, and releasing.

The waves were amazing today, some of them reaching nearly six feet just several yards offshore. The water had a tendency to suddenly slap against the shore, making an interesting, and loud, sound. Maia was fearless and headed straight to the water, pointing like a general leading her troops, onward. Keana loved the water too, but also loves to run from the waves, laughing with delight at her physical prowess.

We took short breaks going back to the blanket for snacks and little rests, then returning to the waves for more silly games. Around 2:30 p.m. we wrapped it up and headed back to the car. Both girls were covered in sand, and Keana wore my shirt and her pink, sparkley, cat-eye, sunglasses, looking like a midget Hollywood princess. On the winding road home, both Keana and Maia fell asleep and Sarah and I enjoyed a little conversation with the iPod/radio producing everything from Billy Joel to The Rolling Stones to Modest Mouse.