Photos from June 2016

It’s Good to Be Six

Last weekend we gathered with friends and family up at Millerton Lake to celebrate one of our brightest stars: Aliya. We spent two nights camping and one full day hanging out lakeside, enjoying the water and the sun, and marveling at the six-year-old before us. The fact that so many of the people close to us were able to make it made the day even more special.

Every birthday is a reminder of how amazing life is. There are so many variables in being created and born and making it through each year of life, that when a birthday comes around, it deserves a day of fun with those you love.

I could write more but I think the video and photos speak for themselves…

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Photos from May 2016

How Long to Keep Writing About the Family?

I’ve often thought about how long I’ll keep this blog up. I started it almost 11 years ago as a way to document and share our life with close friends and family. At the time, bloggers were a unique and fairly small community. Facebook wasn’t even a thing yet and Twitter had yet to exist. So the best way to share stories online was through a blog.

As the years have gone on, I’ve wrestled with how much information is prudent to share. Sure, personal info like birthdates, addresses, and license plate numbers are pretty much a given for censoring, but when it comes to parenting and kids, there are a lot of gray areas. I hope I’ve navigated it well so far, but especially as Keana approaches the young adult years, it becomes more and more clear that my role as the storyteller is shifting, and at some point they take on that role for themselves.

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A Hike With Team Hokama

We did it: all five of us made it out on the trail this weekend. And we weren’t even on vacation! It was the same trail Aliya, Maia, and I took almost a year ago¬†and I was impressed by how much they remembered. From the reason some trees had holes all over them (wood beetles) to the stump with the most sap to the places to watch out for cow patties, they remembered it all. And it was really cool to have them lead the way and be the experts for their mama and big sister. Aliya, especially, was thrilled to be out there.

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It’s easy to want to look back and recount the year. How many accomplishments or trips or injuries or performances were there? Who did we see and what did we do? And it’s almost as easy to imagine what the next year will hold for us. But why? What amount of remembering or fortune telling changes how we are doing right now?
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